Installing Basic Desktop on KVM guest

Hi All,
My config : Lenovo Laptop E 575 AMD A10
Installed Fedora 30 & QEMU / KVM including tools
I created a kvm guest with Fedora 31 server. After my configuration
“adding disk images with qcow2 format with virt-manager & virsh-attached”, I decided to add a gui to Fedora server 31.
With dnf grouplist I found a gui environment named “Basic Desktop”

So I installed it with : dnf groupinstall -y “Basic Desktop”
I try to login but I got only the command line “no gui”
I found out that the “” was not set as default.
I change it and try it again (systemctl set-default + reboot)
This time I got a gui login screen but after the “root” login I only got a black screen. When I press the mouse wheel I got a pop screen where I could switch to 4 desktop screens but all are black. I even enable lightdm with systemctl but no luck …
I try searching with DuckDuck but the results were limited…

Can someone assist ? Many Thanks

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This group provides dwm and openbox where you can start applications with right mouse click.
If you want a minimal GNOME session, you should install gdm, gnome-terminal, nautilus, gedit, gnome-disk-utility, etc.

Thanks it works very simple :grinning:

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