Installer screen goes dark at the point where it should prompt to confirm disk actions -- can't install Fedora Linux!

HelloI tried to install Fedora, and at the moment when I need to select disks, I select a disk, click done, and a menu pops up so that I can confirm the actions with my disk, WELL, I can’t do this, because my screen just turns dark, it helps to get out of the darkness if I press the Super button (or the WIN)

with other distributions and their installers, I have no problems, I checked Vanilla Os, and there I have no problems with installing and partitioning the disk…

perhaps this is a problem, due to the fact that I have a video card from Nvidia, well, again, there are no problems on other devices (with other installers)

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are you able to switch to a tty? this is from a live iso or netinstall?


live I didn’t check about tty…

netinstall did not check… Well, I’ll check it out now… if everything is fine, I will close the thread if everything is well established

the issue has been resolved, on the advice of augenauf, I downloaded the netinstall version of Fedora, and everything works fine

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Can you describe the “darkness” more precisely, please? Is the monitor off, or still on but everything suddenly black, or is it partially obscured, or just dim?

Also, does this happen the on the disk selection screen, or when you press Begin on the main screen? Does the dialog show up and then go dark, or not even show?

What exactly happened when you pressed that button? If you were out of the darkness at that point, why couldn’t you proceed?

I know you found a workaround with the net-install, but it’d be nice to know a bit more so we can prevent this from happening to others in the future.

The monitor is on, I just have darkness appearing on the screen, and that’s it, the monitor itself works great

this happens only when I select a disk, click done, And at the moment when the menu is shown that I would perform actions with my disk (which I selected), then my screen darkens (not monique himself, namely the screen)

I did not see the screen, and could not understand where to click to continue, the WIN button helps of course to show the Anaconda installer, well, when I click on the screen (where the installer opens) my screen goes dark again, of course I could press the arrows on the keyboard and then enter, well, I’m used to seeing what’s going on

of course, I have already figured it out (downloaded the netinstall installer) and smartly installed the system, the same thing happens on other distrach with annaconda (for example, on the Russian Rosa Linux distrubutive, I had a bug with annaconda)

I’m sorry for possible mistakes, I’m writing with the help of a translator

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