Installer doesn't start in Fedora 39 Beta Budgie and Sway


If you boot a Fedora 39 Beta installer for the Budgie or Sway spins, the installer doesn’t start when you follow the expected steps (for Budgie, that clicking on the Install to Hard Drive icon, and for Sway, that’s pressing Win+d and typing liveinst).

Note: This only affects Fedora 39 Beta. It will be fixed in the final Fedora 39 install image.


There is a bug related to PolicyKit authentication when launching the installer in selected desktop environments.

Related Issues

Bugzilla report: #2238792


The installer can be started manually by running a liveinst command from a terminal.


Open the terminal:

Type the command liveinst, press Enter and wait for the installer to start:

Proceed with the installation:


Press Win+Enter to open a terminal, type liveinst and press Enter. Then use Win+f to make the installer window full-screen.

You can discuss this issue here.