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After playing with Live image wanted to install, I have a dual boot Ubuntu and Windows10 system so created more space available using gparted. Ran the installation, all appeared to go fine, on reboot no options to boot to Fedora :thinking: It booted to my grub menu offering my Ubuntu or Windows options.

Ran sudo update-grub on my Ubuntu system, doesn’t find Fedora, just Ubuntu options and Windows.

gparted shows I now have an extra 1GB ext4 partition and a 84.75GB lvm2pv partition - not familiar with an lvm2pv type partition at all and not sure if the small ext4 is related at all to the lvm2pv

Guessing I have a boot sector issue so any advice appreciated.


You may need to recreate your grub menu

I assume that since you have Windows 10 there, you use UEFI/GPT. Try the following as root:
grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/efi/EFI/fedora/grub.cfg

the tool should be able to detect your Fedora and set up the menus correctly.


That worked, thank you.

Strangely though, ran the command, said detected Ubuntu, rebooted and not there.

Ran it the second time and Fedora, Ubuntu and Windows all show on menu.

I did initially try update-grub and update-grub2 and it said command not found.

Grateful for help.


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