Installation media has no Troubleshooting submenus populated

Installation media has long had (until recently) had a Troubleshooting—> menu that contains various troubleshooting tools. For Fedora31 the menu contains only an option to boot to Graphical Mode.

What happened to the tools?

According to F31’s Installation Docs,
The following should be there:

  • Run installation in basic graphics mode   (inst.text ?)
  • Rescue an existing system   (inst.rescue)
    • existing OS mounted under /mnt/sysimage
  • Test the RAM   (BIOS-only)
  • Exit installation media and boot normally

Also do media checksum check.

^F31’s Installation Media’s Boot Options.

Hi @alanf00, and welcome to Ask Fedora!

If memory serves correctly, I usually see just one or two useful options in the Troubleshooting menu (apart from Boot from local drive one):

  • Basic graphics mode option is always there.

  • Memtest option is there only if you boot the installation media in BIOS/Legacy mode (as pointed out by @vits95). AFAIK memtest86+ itself currently can’t be booted/run from UEFI mode – hence it’s absence for UEFI boot.

I actually don’t remember seeing Rescue option there – though that can have something to do with the specifics of my installation/usage… and that’s usually not something I look for there.

Also I think that this current state of Troubleshooting menu stayed the same for me for at least three to five last releases, I actually don’t remember ever seeing any other tools there. The absence of memtest option was the most noticeable one for me personally.