Install yumi on fedora30

Hi every one I want to install yumi on my fedora 30 is there any way to install yumi on fedora

Yes, you can install under wine, and run YUMI

sudo dnf install wine

Download YUMI from it web page

Good news: Wine supports USB flash drives!
Even more good news: it might be super easy!

  1. run winecfg
  2. go to the “Drives” tab
  3. select “autodetect”, now you can see the driver where your USB is mounted.
  4. find wherever your operating system has mounted the flash drive. In Fedora it’ll be under /rum/media/[your user]
  5. click “applly” and then “accept” again.
  6. Run YUMI or whetever Windows program you were using your flash drive with.


as you can see mine is in H:

Open a terminal in the place you download YUMI:

wine YUMI-

or double-click and select program to open and select wine…