Install Geany IDE

There are 2 apps of Geany IDE in Software.
Which one is for Fedora 34 Workstation Edition ?

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Click on it and see what is written … one might be a flatpak version.

If you have doubts just use sudo dnf install geany in terminal.


Thank you so much.
From sudo dnf install geany, now I have :


And does it give xterm app as well ?

In terminal you mean? Check on your own!
Type in terminal sudo dnf info xterm

I´m not sure what the question is … on the print-screen xterm is already installed?
Are you looking for other terminal apps?

After installing, sudo dnf install geany, XTerm appeared simultaneously. I thought it came along together for I never selected it.

Yes, it says:

 geany                                x86_64                  1.37.1-2.fc34                    fedora                   2.5 M
Installing dependencies:
 geany-libgeany                       x86_64                  1.37.1-2.fc34                    fedora                   1.1 M
 xterm-resize                         x86_64                  366-1.fc34                       fedora                    21 k
Installing weak dependencies:
 xorg-x11-fonts-misc                  noarch                  7.5-31.fc34                      updates                  5.2 M
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