Install gdm and gnome in F31 Server, but using ONLY Wayland; NOT xorg-x11

On my new F31 Server box, I recently installed weston and got weston-launch to run successfully. But when I do sudo dnf install gdm dnf wants to pull in a bunch of xorg-x11 packages as dependencies.

When I look at Wayland - ArchWiki I get the impression that gdm is the only display manager that runs on Wayland. Based on that (and the reports I’ve read that F31 Desktop and other recent Linux distros have gdm running on Wayland without Xorg; can others confirm this?), I would think that with weston installed (and even running! thanks to Gerd! :smiley: ) on my F31 Server box, weston would meet any compositor or other dependency requirements such that gdm would not need to pull in any xorg-x11 packages.

So my question is: how can I most easily install gdm in F31 Server without also unnecessarily installing

GDM seems to require some bits of X. I don’t know whether this is the whole X stack, or just necessary bits. It could also be that X has been added manually as a dependency to ensure users get both Wayland and X to choose from (Wayland is default, but one can select X from gdm). Someone from the Workstation working group will have to comment on this.

Take a look at:

sudo dnf repoquery --requires gdm

Or look at the spec file here: Tree - rpms/gdm -

So, using Fedora packages, you cannot install gdm without pulling in these required dependencies at the moment.


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