Install from ISO in HardDisk - Fedora 32 - Install along side

Hello All,

need one help - I tried to install F32 from the HDD using grub boot method - I am having my F32 iso in my /dev/sda2 and the anaconda installer - its a bit difficult - I chose the new partition for f32 and selected the already existing /boot/efi - for EFI partition.

Now the issue is - ananconda complains that I need to unmount the /dev/sad2 for installation . But since the ISO is actually loading from mounted /dev/sda2 - I think its not possible.

I have installed PCLINUX OS with same installation method which uses the Calamares installer and no issues reported.
But why Ananconda complains like this ? any ideas ? Wish if Calamares installer is the default on in Fedora