Install Fedora without bootloader

I would like to install Fedora on a separate SSD partition, but would like to retain my existing Linus bootloader.

Is it possible to install Fedora without a bootloader?

I am likely to try the KDE spin, if that matters.

I can use a single /boot partition for multiple Fedora / Linux installations:

sda1 600M fat32 EFI
sda2 1024M ext4 /boot
sda3 800G btrfs
-subvol root4rawhide
-subvol root4f33wrk
-subvol root4f33server
-subvol /home

In Fedora Installer Anaconda, we can specific the /boot partition without formatting it. Anaconda will remind you, but you can insist and go ahead.

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Thanks, Sampson!

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