Input device woes - Mic levels

For me, it seemed to be a Zoom issue and installing pipewire broke practically every videoconferencing app—that is, Zoom wouldn’t let me connect to any meetings, Teams would freeze once I tried to speak, Google Meet would randomly disconnect—but reinstalling pulseaudio solved those problems for me.

I can confirm that the Chrome browser also adjusts the mic gain.
After installing the extension “Disable Automatic Gain Control” the issue stopped.

I understand that we have the option to disable auto gain on application, but I do have concern when it comes to allowing websites to make this adjustment, without the option to turn it off.

Despite being popular and stable… Google Meet still lacks such setting…
I have my conferences on google meet and this has been irritating me

Very satisfied indeed. I am playing around with audio recording on Fedora and everything works very nice. The only problem some people have been experiencing (and that is constantly being addressed) is that some Bluetooth device cannot use high quality codecs and they fall back to the low quality ones.
For me, this is not an issue, because I do not use them in my set-up, but that might be different for you.