Information about Third Party Software Repositories in Software

When you open Software for the first time, it asks whether you want to enable Third Party Software Repositories.

It includes a link to “Find out more…” that leads to an empty wiki page: Third-Party Repositories :: Fedora Docs

Please correct this link so that it leads to a description of what the Third Party Software Repositories contain.

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Luckily there is a link to the new page, so one is not completely lost…

This page used to contain Fedora’s third party repository policy. The up to date policy is now hosted as part of the FESCo docs.

Would you be willing to file a bug against Gnome Software so the maintainer can take a look at it?


The page was only changed yesterday, and I must say that the information on the FESCo policy docs does not reflect the info that this page had. It had a list of the third party repositories there etc.


Also filed this: Issue #205: Please revert the recent change to the Third party repository wiki page - fedora-workstation -


Thank you for filing that, FranciscoD — that’s exactly the bug report I should have written!

(I did look for existing bug reports in Bugzilla, but I couldn’t work out how to see open bugs for GNOME Software in Fedora, and I don’t think I have an account. …And I forgot that Pagure also exists.)


Happy to say that the page has been restored. The info will probably be moved to a different location and a redirect set up etc.


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