Informal polls at the CommOps category

Hi CommOps,

as an outcome of the Community Revamp, we would like to measure community health and engagement with informal polls for the community to vote. The informal polls are meant to collect information about how the community engages with the rest of the Project.

We are ready to publish the first one and we believe that the right place to post it is the CommOps category. Do you have any objection or suggestion whether any other “place” would be a better fit to post them?


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My concern would be that people don’t pay attention to the CommOps topic. Would the Project Conversations topic be a better fit?

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Yeah, put it in Project Conversations for now. We’ll figure out where to put it under the upcoming reorg when that happens. I’m actually thinking it might be interesting to have a whole “community polls” section, and this would tie right into that!

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Thanks for your replies Ben and Matthew. The purpose of the Community Revamp is to revive the best community practices and processes from the past and these polls are totally community-related. So, putting them in a more generic or broader category, does not make that much sense to me because this is meant to be a continuous community process.

Having specifically “community polls” is also a great idea but these polls are meant to measure community engagement or health (or however you would like to call it) and Community Operations is the Fedora Team “responsible” for this.


I don’t think I understand that. The purpose of of a tag or category is to focus the audience, not to label the origin.

Putting the polls under CommOps would make sense if you only want them answered by the CommOps team. Maybe polling the CommOps team is what you want, and I totally misunderstood?

Contact information in the survey could link to the Where to find CommOps docs page, if that is part of the question.

I am also curious who the audience is for the informal polls: the wider Fedora community or CommOps/Mindshare contributors.