Industry standard development platform

As a user, what is an industry standard development platform : windows, linux ; stable, rawhide ; open source, closed source ; something else?

How are you defining “development platform” in this case?

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Something that you can code on and share with advanced industry partner … the question boils down to why NVidia, Intel use Ubuntu 18.04, Red Hat open source definition specificies, Microsoft initiatives on Linux, C++ limitation on Android for 17 edition, maybe 19 one day, what is open source anyway

That question seems impossibly broad.

Unless you are using a OS-specific language, you can use any platform you want for development.

When it comes to integration with hardware or a 3rd party you likely will have arbitrary limitations imposed by the other party. This may mean developing on one platform and testing on another or it may mean having to develop on multiple platforms.

There is no single industry standard platform.


Thankyou, that’s what I thought … does not exist.

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