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Hello, everyone. I’m new here, this is my first post. I have a big problem, I installed Fedora, I have been using it for so long but also wondered how to increase the storage when installed on physical HDD. When I installed it I assigned 60 GB to it, which seemed to be a little, so using a Fedora live image I used Gparted and increased it 100 GB more, but when I check on my system it doesn’t show it. I want to increase it since I need more storage to work

Hello, after researching I finally resolved the problem. I’m not a fully expert but I would say an advanced user, so correct me if I’m wrong. But it seems that when you move an allocated storage to your fedora partition it doesn’t automatically “increase it”.
Well, that is one step you need to do.
After doing that, I went to cmd on Fedora and run the next command fdisk -l
which showed me all my partitions, you need to indentify which one is the you gave the allocated storage.

Next, since you do have the storage but it is not assigned internally, so now I ran this command
sudo lvextend --size +10G --resizefs /dev/fedora/home
In my case, I type /dev/mapper/fedora_localhost–live-home
When you run fdisk -l command it shows you these names so they will vary.

In the last command what you do is to give 10G more to home, which I understand is the storage you can use for downloads and stuff. You can also assign it to root, but I need to understand more about these things.


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