Inconsistent pgAdmin4 download as output

Why when using:

dnf group list command or
dnf group info virtualization command do I receive as output a pgAdmin4 download and it appears that a GPG key is being imported? then I get the option that I agree and when I select no, I get the following:

Error: Failed to download metadata for repo ‘pgAdmin4’: repomd.xml GPG signature verification error: Bad GPG signature

when I saw this output I panicked and uninstalled pgadmin 4 and I am still receiving the same output, what could be the cause?

sudo dnf config-manager --disable pgAdmin4

Did you add a none Fedora repo called pgadmin4?
Have a look in /etc/yum.repo.d to check.
As it seems to be a bad repo you can remove it.

Did you know that pgadmin4 is in Fedora repo? No need to add any third party repo.

Anyways, if adding a repo, it is expected that you check and confirm signing key signature, no matter if it is a fedora or third party repo.

It’s not necessarily a bad repo. But if you don’t import the gpg key or tell dnf that the signature is no good, verification fails and it prints Bad Signature.

I already did it and uninstalled the pgadmin dependency, this solved the error with pgadmin and its request to import keys and now I can see the expected output simply by executing the command, however as output they appear to me as installations that, according to me, should not be there.

Attached is an image of the current output of dnf group info virtualization

Captura desde 2023-10-09 00-33-05

dnf repolist 

Is what you may want to look at.

I already deleted the pgAdmin4 repository, when using dnf repolist, the set of repositories (pgAdmin4 and its versions) no longer appears since I already deleted it, what I don’t understand is why a request to import pgAdmin4 keys for a simple command that gave me information about the content of a dnf group, in this case the @virtualization group, in addition to an installation that I do not understand, as you can see at the top of the attached image I see a couple of downloads of RPM Fusion for Fedora and Visual Studio Code, before uninstalling the pgAdmin4 repository I also saw something similar (as if I were downloading something from pgAdmin4)

Captura desde 2023-10-09 00-33-05

DNF tries to update the metadata of all enabled repos before listing or installing packages, so you get an error when some repo is unavailable.