Inactive packagers policy for the f39 cycle

for the “inactive packagers policy” I’ve run the script to identify those users in the packager group which were inactive during the last 12 months.
The tickets have been opened in the pagure repo and currently counts 237 users.

After the first batch of replies, or after a couple of weeks, I will run another script which will output the list of packages possibly orphaned and tag the co-maintainers in the appropriate ticket.

Since not every “inactive packager” has an account registered in pagure, some of them cannot be tagged in the respective ticket. In order to try to reach them I tried to tag them here, but I cannot tag more than 10 users, so I’d appreciate if anyone with the appropriate powers can transform the following list into user tags:


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Mh. I think that if they never logged in here, they cannot be tagged neither here.

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Definitely not rhcontainerbot!

Well, I wrote that “they never logged in in”… I don’t know if they have logged in here.

Oh, I’ve just discovered that the message preview shows what user is recognized, and no one of those above are, so… I’ll just try to reach them by email.
I’ll cc the devel list to make it sort of official and make the community aware.