In what folder should rpm package legacy toolkits be installed?


I want to install an rpm package which is a legacy NVidia toolkit for shading and other effects. It is specifically the Cg toolkit / compiler.

I have tentatively installed the toolkit in the local folder, since it is a common user folder, however I am not sure if this is the proper installation for a developer toolkit.

Probably this makes no difference, but the toolkit is from about 2012

Just want to make sure that I am installing toolkits and also bigger SDKs in the best place. NVidia website got some of my effort to learn this but it is not a LINUX, especially not Red Hat, wealth of information on terminal methods, as you can imagine.

May I have a reference source about where to install different things (which folders, like local, build, public, and so forth), as well?

this reference may help.

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Ha ha ha! Funny you would write that! I just had a binary updated by the system because I installed it in system bin instead of /usr/local/bin. This happened last night. I discovered this morning that all of my user settings / configurations on said application were GONE!

I appreciate the help!