In Fedora 32, after install 'akmod-nvidia' , 'xrandr --query' only show one device connected, but actullay I have two device connected before

In Fedora 32, after install ‘akmod-nvidia’,

dnf install akmod-nvidia

only show one device connected by command:

'xrandr --query'

but actually I had two device connected before installing akmod-nvidia. Now, I remove akmod-nvidia, the ‘xrandr’ show me two device connected again. How can i fixed this problem, if I really want akmod-nvidia driver installed? Thank you

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I am the questioner.
I used nvidia-auto-installer-for-fedora
to install my NVIDIA driver.
It’s all right now.
Share my experience with yours.

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Hi, @t0xic0der here!

Try using lspci | grep 'VGA|3D' to check this again.