Improvements for "What’s new in Fedora Workstation 34" article

In the latest article, What’s new in Fedora Workstation 34, I have noticed a few places that can be improved.

Fedora Workstation has been using Btrfs as its default file system since Fedora 33. Btrfs is a modern filesystem that is developed by Facebook, and Workstation’s adoption of Brtfs came about through fantastic collaboration between Facebook and the Fedora community. Based on user feedback so far, people feel that Btrfs provides a snappier and more responsive experience, compared with the old ext4 filesystem.

Notice the typo “Brtfs”.

Another thing I’d like to point out in the same paragraph is that Btrfs isn’t only developed my Facebook; it’s developed by SUSE, Facebook, WD and Oracle.[Source] I think it would be better if we can include the other companies.

Anyway, great post!

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Updated, thanks!


There is another issue with the page.

From the GNOME Software Centre, a user can click on ‘Learn more’ and then the user will be redirected to:

But… the article is at:

Notice the -in- in the middle and the / at the end.

I would make a redirect link so that the Software Centre arrives at the actual article, now it ust gives you a 404.



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