Improve Docs Experience - Opening pull requests

Contributing to Open Source is exciting and has given me opportunities to learn new things and contribute to real-life issues.
As exciting as contributing to open source has been, I’ve still had big challenges as a newbie and as an outreachy intern with contributing. Some major challenges I faced were

  • Learning how to open and submit a pull request successfully
  • Submitting a pull request without coding

Learning How to submit a pull request
As an outreachy intern and a newbie in contributing to open source, I was instructed to submit my contributions as pull requests, but I didn’t know how to do that successfully. I wasn’t the only one who had that challenge, so it limits contributors and users in a way.

My proposal for this would be to add a pull request line on the “Quick Docs” page to properly teach how to open pull requests and also add a short youtube video tutorial to improve accessibility. The video should be able to play on the Fedora Docs site without moving to youtube.
Here’s a prototype of my proposal. (Please click on “pull request” to see the interaction)

I had to do a google search about opening pull requests on fedora before I was directed to a page on fedora which didn’t properly explain it.

Submitting a pull request without coding
This was a problem for not only the new outreachy interns but also for new contributors to Fedora in general.
I want to know if it’s possible to successfully submit a pull request without making code changes but instead submitting a design sample for a particular page like on Figma, sketch, etc because coding isn’t listed as part of the skills needed to contribute to the project “Improve Docs Experience”.

Please, I’d really need clarity on that.

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I’m not sure how I feel about this. This feels like content that exists many times over on the web and adding our own version doesn’t add a lot of value. A page that has some curated references to existing external docs would be a good addition, though.

This also might be something to ask of the Join SIG, because it would fit well with docs that introduce Fedora’s cultural norms, etc. (I don’t know if they have those docs currently, but that would be good to have)

Well you’ve opened a lot of pull requests already. :slight_smile: I agree that it’s a little bit of an awkard fit in this case. Perhaps the easiest thing would be to add a new blank line to a file so that there’s a difference in git.

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We prepared a page explaining the workflow for our server docs contributors. Maybe it gives you some answers: Server/Documentation/How To Contribute - Fedora Project Wiki (the bottom part).