Imposible creating shapes with Spline-Tool in Synfig Studio 1.2.2-11 fedora repository

  • fedora 34 workstation
  • window system: wayland
  • graphic NVD9


sudo dnf install synfigstudio

We can’t create shape , impossible join the last vertex with the first one, when you do right-click then release, the menu disappear. I was following this tutorial

A screenshot
link to the video

It could be an issue related to synfigstudio not being up to date with Wayland support. Please see if logging out and logging in using an X session fixes the issue for you.

Could you also please file a bug here on the Fedora Bugzilla so that the maintainer can look into it? You can login to Bugzilla using your Fedora account as you did here.


Using Xorg session the problem persist.
A quick solution is install SynfigStudio from Flathub, it is the version 1.4.0

flatpak install flathub org.synfig.SynfigStudio

Whit this, create shapes is possible.

To remove SynfigStudio from fedora repository.

sudo dnf remove synfigstudio

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Can you please file a bug at Fedora asking the maintainer to update the package in Fedora? It’s still at 1.2.2 here:


Bug reported 1957960

For anyone that want to file a bug.


Thanks very much for filing the bug :bug: :bug:

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