Importing keys for 35

I have so much to do. But here is what I was doing for the issue. I make image USB stick and then backup all files and set correct permissions for the drive. But then start proces what I was long time ago I realize that what if I do not have WWAN after update. So I need bootable stick. And How I can do that?

All right. I went to the wild side. I make fresh instalment of 36 and then no luck with WWAN what is in ePCI cards. I have on experiment drive where is 31 XFCE and there WWAN runs. But also when I do connect mobile phone and share network via USB, it goes under Ethernet connection not in WWAN. No idea why it do not work like earlier versions. Though WWAN is common. One way would be make separate box for WWAN chip and then connect this to Ethernet box. There is such a HW available containing mini computer. Not so happy about this developement.

I have been using some days now 36 and i can say that Mobile Network in Gnome 41.2 do not regonice ePCI nor USB adapter. But mobile phone hotspot via USB or WiFi work as Ethernet connection visualy. I can not say 32 only since adapter and need to accep this even that it is weird as OS should go forward. Also Kodi crash in a launch. Epiphany is terific and not functional also. It was solution for the issue but not the way I wanted to.