Important! New account system brings group membership workflow changes

You may have already seen the Community Blog post about the upcoming rollout of the new Fedora account system. We want to highlight one part of that that will change your onboarding process: prospective members cannot self-request group membership.

If part of your new contributor process is for the person to log in to the account system and request membership in your account group, you will need to change this. Group administrators can still add users, but there is not a request queue built into the account system. For ease of accountability, we suggest you direct group membership requests to your issue tracker instead of a mailing list or personal email. Of course, you are free to onboard new contributors as you see fit.


So, this new workflow requires that application for membership (sponsoring) will flow through explicit requests on a communication channel (mailing list, discussion.f.o., chat) or better by pagure tickets.
What about direct new membership requests through the Welcome workflow? It could be an opportunity to strengthen/enhance this workflow for newcomers, by having more seasoned community members from the various teams/SIGs involved in helping people finding their place in the community.

(Just for reference/context: Issue #243: FAS group membership needs more love - mindshare -