Im trying to follow this guide on how to setup a usb keyfile to unlock FDE at boot

i have already made a keyfile on the usb and found my uuid info

here is the guide im reading

when he says “We’ll need to edit the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX in /etc/default/grub to add all the decryption instructions for systemd to process at boot time”
do i edit that file manually or with a command?

and this next part does he mean i rename the usb drive to “keys” ?


This is the magic bit, which tells systemd where the key is. The key parts (aside from the UUID again):


This is the path to the key file relative to the USB stick, not the full path when mounted. So /my.luks.key instead of /mnt/keys/my.luks.key.


This is an identifier for the filesystem that contains the keys. I labelled the filesystem on my drive as “keys”.

and this command is it still the correct way? article is a few years old
sudo grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/efi/EFI/fedora/grub.cfg

and i think this command is how i broke my grub so it does not use the most up to date kernel i have to click down to the right kernel before booting, i used that command recently on a project and i made a post today about my broken grub here as well, thanks for any help, much appreciated

See my answer on your other related post

thank you very much, so what do i do instead to follow this guide ? after i edit /etc/default/grub how do i update grub correctly ?

Did you read the guide linked to in the other thread?

The steps are clearly spelled out.
Just to simplify that there are 3 different file names that can be used with grub2-mkconfig to update the proper file.
The first 2 located in /etc are links to the third, so any of those can replace FILENAME in this command and have exactly the same effect.
grub2-mkconfig -o FILENAME

ok i followed the guide and updated grub correctly and still no luck, when i boot pc it asks for full disk encryption password even tho the usb is plugged in with a keyfile on it and added to luks as a new key slot, what am i doing wrong ?