ICC-Brightness in Toolbox?

I am new to Silverblue and looking to build the utility icc-brightness to enable brightness controls on my OLED laptop.

Based on what I know about Silverblue so far the only place I could build it would be toolbox, however would it still work as intended running inside a container?

Anyone have input as to a better way to enable brightness controls?


Hello @calo ,
Welcome to the discussion area! A containerized workflow for development is certainly a focus of Silverblue. But it is also modifiable WRT the base commit through layering packages onto the base commit. So for such things related to system management, you would normally choose to layer the desired package(s) in most use cases. If indeed you do need something layered in your case. Layering is achieved using rpm-ostree install <pkgname>

Makes sense, but how would you layer an app if there isn’t a package in the repo?

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You can layer locally by downloading the rpm package you want to install and use rpm-ostree install <pkgfulllocalnameincludingpath.rpm>. This means no auto updating which you would need to take care of. I currently use chezmoi which is layered locally, at update time I have to uninstall my current version then install the updated version to update that pkg. Everything else is auto-update through the OS, even layered stuff from known repos. If you need to add a repo, it is still done by copying the repo file into /etc/yum/repos.d or by using the sudo ostree refs command (see ostree --help for details). When you add the repo, it should auto-update the pkg when rpm-ostree does the check normally.