I3 setup done it and love it

Over the weekend I setup Fedora 34 i3 iso, it does take time but it is worth the effort. I am still tweaking the system but do have everything almost in place. Bumblebee-status, zsh, and all my usual things, vivaldi, deadbeef, nextcloud, i3-gaps it’s a work in progress but I am really enjoying the experience.

Just thought I’d share.


I was playing around with I3 too lately, wanted to change the resolution do you have an idea how to do it?

Or maybe you have a kind of cheat-cheet to get along with ?!

I have some tips for resolution, here are some tweaks I used on Endeavour OS:

How is i3wm on fedora, is there a themed community edition or did you just install the wm?

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The iso comes with xfce4-settings-manager open it and set the resolution with display settings :ok_hand:

Or use arandr, my config is public on David Haras / fedora i3 config · GitLab

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Yes I used the Fedora Spin https://spins.fedoraproject.org/prerelease.html