I would like to install Fedora on 23 PCs at the lab

Dear ,

I need your support if I would like to install Fedora Operating System on 23 PCs on the lab .
what is the process and provide me with installation link .

Thank you

Does this help? https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fedora/latest/getting-started/

The following may not be relevant for your use case, but experience is often the best teacher.

Before retiring I worked in group that ran workshops using SGI IRIX64 and later linux software. We were sending an advance team to install linux on lab machines, but found that students had problems installing linux on systems outside the lab, so first added an optional evening session on installing linux. That got 100% attendance, so found it better to have students do installs in the first lab session. We provided enough bootable media for half the systems and used a buddy system with one person typing and the other checking for mistakes, then swapped roles for the remaining machines. This was very successful and got rave reviews from students.

I like that approach.

The students got an opportunity to actually do a hands-on install before they were asked to use the OS.


Another option, though it hides the initial config from the user, would be to set the machines to do a PXE boot and thus have a new clean install every time the lab system is booted. The advantage to this is that whatever changes may have been done during the last session are wiped out and the system is a new - vanilla - lab machine and in a known safe config.

I have seen more than one setting where the PXE boot method was used to ensure malware was not left behind.