I want to make a separate Trash folder on my second drive

I have two drives and ssd and an hdd. I noticed that when a file on the hdd is ‘move to trash’, it goes to the ssd on ~/.local/share/Trash . I want to know how to make the hdd have it’s own Trash folder. So I don’t wear out my ssd when moving big files to trash.

It works like that by default:
disk usage - What is the purpose of `.Trash-1000` in my external hard drive and how can I clean it up? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

But mine isn’t an external hdd. I mounted it to ~/data. Is it because I mounted it under the home folder? Or maybe I need to add something in the fstab? The fstab for the hdd is just defaults 0 0. Or maybe this is a default of btrfs? I used btrfs on the hdd too.

See the Trash specification

This may be a limitation of KDE’s implementation. GLib appears to only use the home trash location if the file is on the same device as HOME. Arguably, even that isn’t technically correct according to the spec, but I can’t imagine why someone would put XDG_DATA_HOME on another partition.