I think we should shut down the "introductions" channel on Fedora Chat

First, it’s not frequently used. But worse, because there is no way to set a room to suppress notifications about avatar changes, joins and leaves, etc., etc, rooms like this are overwhelmed by those, with lonely “hello! I’m new!” messages scattered in between. This isn’t a great welcome.

Unless we can figure out some way for Matrix to work better for this, I think we should remove the room.

(Same thing goes for Announcements and Information, really. My hope was to set this up like a Discord[1] or even Slack server, where such rooms are common and… actually useful.

But I don’t see how to make it work.

  1. not Discourse! ↩︎

Yeah, +1 to nuking them… at least for now. We can always recreate them later if/when there’s more need for em.

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+1 to shutting down the Introductions channel. If there’s no one there to see and react to the introductions (or if the people who could do that don’t see the intros because of noise), then that’s worse than not having the channel at all.

I’m indifferent on the Announcements channel. It doesn’t seem like it really costs us anything to keep it, so that’s just one more way folks can get the announcements we want them to see.

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