I shut down my system when Fedora update

I shutdown my system during update because internet is connection failed
Error message:
Failed to start Dbus system
Failed to start user login management


If you can still reach a text TTY, try the following:

Otherwise, restoring the system may not be trivial, so consider a reinstall unless you can afford significant amount of time required for troubleshooting.


I also would try to get a tty.
Somehow switching from rescue.target to multi-user.target which allows you to use have a network connection.

Like this:
systemctl isolate multi-user.target

Then I would try to fix issues with dnf history using the undo and redo functions.

# Find last Transaction ID:
dnf history list

# undo transaction
dnf history undo <ID>

# redo transaction 
dnf history redo <ID>

# Try dystro-sync
dnf distro-sync

Not sure if this helps, but at least in theory it’s worth a try.

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