I need help on getting the Gweled 1.0 beta1 game to work

Load up menu is fine. I pick a game mode. Game play crash. There are no gems on the screen when it crashed.

sudo dnf install clutter-gtk-devel gtk3-devel gsound-devel libgnome-games-support1-devel meson ninja-build

meson setup native
meson compile -C native -j 48 --verbose
sudo meson install -C native --no-rebuild

Remove Gweled.
cd native
sudo ninja uninstall

I wonder why it crashing.

Fedora 39.

From Project Discussion to Ask Fedora

Added f39 and removed workstation-wg

Yes, it’s broken here as well. You can report that upstream: Bugs : Gweled

Is there a particular reason you’re not using the 1.0~alpha version packaged in Fedora? It seems to work OK.

I don’t know how the dev got the alpha to work. Same issue when I built it. The beta got some fixes. That is why I’m trying to build it the right way. So that the in game doesn’t crash. :slight_smile:

Yeah the alpha built works fully. I wonder how.

I had to use Fedora 38 so that the old Gweled doesn’t get an update to Alpha. I got the installer on this one. This one on the VM. Fedora 39 isn’t.

You could install the source rpm and read the .spec file to see how the it was built.

Here is a log. https://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org//packages/gweled/1.0~alpha/1.fc40/data/logs/x86_64/build.log

Upgrade Meson to 1.3.2.

Nina already at 1.11.1. So no upgrade needed.

Rebuild gweled. Now the gems are showing. Game crash after gotten 3 same gems linked.

I don’t get it. Maybe all the rest of the tools need to be updated. I’ll just wait on the next gweled release. I have no clue on what to do.

Unless I done it right this time. Because of the gems showing now.

meson setup native

/usr/bin/meson compile -C native -j 48 --verbose or /usr/bin/ninja -C native -j 48 -v

/usr/bin/meson install -C native --no-rebuild

gweled-1.0~beta1-1.fc39 | Build Info | koji beta got release for Fedora 39 and up today. I got a hold of it.