I must reset my password every time to log in here

I cannot understand what is going on. Every time I want to visit this site, I am re-directed to id-fedoraproject.org. And EVERY time, it tells me my password is incorrect. I must then go through the password reset procedure EVERY time. And I keep using the same password but each time it will tell me it’s wrong. Very strange.

I have also whitelisted cookies from Fedora, but that is not changing anything and I am askerd to sign in each time. Browser is Brave.

You should be redirected to id.fedoraproject.org, not id-fedoraproject.org.

Are you using an input method / language other than English?

Are you using a password manager to input the password?

Try with a different browser to rule out any browser/addon/settings issue. I suggest Firefox browser in Troubleshoot Mode (Help > Troubleshoot Mode) which disables all addons and custom settings.

Thanks for you reply. Ok, I got it working. I had to delete all cookies related to Fedora, then turn off shields for all domains related to Fedora, then it worked. Banking sites are more user friendly than the Fedora sign in page!

I wonder what shields you have up? I’m on Firefox with enhanced tracking protection (set to strict) and adguard active, neither found any tracker.

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Not sure, maybe it was a cookie issue. It was really weird and I can’t reproduce. Anyway, now it’s fixed and my whitelist is working so I don’t have to bother with signing in anymore :muscle:

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