I keep getting the same updates when i do a rpm-ostree upgrade + reboot?

Not sure what is happening, but all of the sudden when i use rpm-ostree upgrade, and after the update is finished, do a systemctl reboot, and then do another rpm-ostree upgrade, i get the same updates again? So what is happening and how to fix it? Note that I am not choosing the previous version during boot.

Unfortunately, there is a bug affecting rpm-ostree and grub right now. There are several threads on it at the moment, but here is the upstream bug and currently most active thread on it:


I got around this by holding down ctrl-z when booting, going into the GRUB menu and picking the older of the two lines (mine is from Aug. 9) and booting it, then doing the rpm-ostree update.

Then boot into the new system with GRUB. The system is now up to date.

Unfortunately, every time there are new updates, I have to go through this same process again. Hopefully a fix will be forthcoming.

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Can someone ELI5 what is the root cause of this bug, and is there any security risk involved (Other than not updating your system) ?

I updated this post because the bug is persisting, and I clarified how to pause the boot and see the normally hidden GRUB menu with ctrl-z.

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I found an even better workaround in Fedora Discussion:

@piotr says:

I’m not really sure if I understood you correctly. For a few days I have some odd issue on Silverblue I can’t resolve. It seems that the system does not close correctly and in consequence, in order to upgrade it is necessary to run:

sudo ostree admin finalize-staged

after running

rpm-ostree upgrade

Here is the bug report on this issue:

Fixed it by:

rpm-ostree update
sudo grub2-mkconfig
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