I interrupted the rpm-ostree command, now it errored "cannot change target"

I interrupted a rpm-ostree install command that was installing gcc. Then I uninstalled gcc.

Then, I tried to install another application, and it spat out this horrifying error:

error: Previously interrupted while targeting commit 8d7ec807ccf1f18e53d326888b867270d4530815b7eeab7e77328bd13fd3ee83, cannot change target to 7013f38ea40cd284c5ef5a317bba79bedee8dfe6e14443ffd0db505b0e88cbe3
  1. Is this error dangerous?
  2. Will it harm my next boot?
  3. What do I have to do to remedy it?

Full output here.

Try running rpm-ostree cleanup -mp, then try installing again.