I get logged out of evry application after reopening it

every time i log in a app and reopen it I get logged out
E.G.-> i logged my google account in firefox and when i closed it and reopened it I was logged out of google account.
same with chrome when i reopen the google sync was paused and asked me log in again.
It would be big help if someone can help fix the issue

You need to unset the option of deleting cookies when closing the browser.

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I did…I even tried chrome…still same…
It even happend with vs code

when i opened browser this morining i was looged out of google but i was logged in in fedorproject

i am looged in with accounts this is issue with gooogle account only

Check security settings of your Google account:

Even tried that

What desktop environment?

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Hello @kalilinux ,
Welcome to :fedora: !
If you are using Gnome DE you can open settings and setup all of your online logins from there.


I have…but the issues is with apps they logout themselves after closing…but in firfox other than google my all accounts were logged in still

The issue now is that app is logging themselves out when closed not the Google issue