I found that gnome-software is no longer for me

Hello everyone! Could you help? I found that gnome-software is no longer for me …

This update procedure is not correct. I would like to be notified of all updates … I always keep my system up to date! Linux pre supposes freedom, and I’m not a child to be treated that way.
I wonder if I can uninstall gnome-software?
I enabled the chrome repository, for him, and installed the mediawriter …
Thank you very much in advance.

Ankursinha anyway, thanks for responding.

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First I apologize for not posting in the right place. It’s my first time.
Previously, gnome-software warned about all updates, it is the user’s free choice to update or not!

You cannot remove it from your system because of the many dependencies it will pull since it’s well integrated into Gnome. However, you don’t have to use if you don’t want to. Use dnf or dnfdragora etc.

We can’t do much here. Fedora does not develop Gnome or Gnome software. It really is up to the developers to design it as they see fit—let us remember that they have that freedom too, just like users have the freedom to use it or use something else (or even fork it if they want to).

I hope that makes sense. I’ll close this topic.

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To be fair, it is still technically possible to remove GNOME Software, Flatpak and PackageKit.
I also prefer minimalistic Fedora setup and use exclusively DNF, so I remove those packages:

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Thank you very much!
Worked perfectly…

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