I don't get a display output on my monitor the first time i login after booting the system for 10-15 seconds, but after a reboot/logout it gets fixed?

So I’m not sure what’s causing this, but though i ask here to see what logs/settings i should look at to see what is causing this.

The first time i turn on my computer and then try to login to my username, my monitor says that it doesnt have an output, and this lasts for about 10-15 seconds then i get an output, and the weird thing is that in this case, i go right into the full screen wallpaper, even tho in the latest gnome when you login, you should also see the apps that you pinned on the lower bar.

And after i reboot the machine, i get instant output when login and i also see the lower bar (as i should) and don’t go instantly to full screen.

Anyone has any idea what is causing this?

The system is still initializing some things related to graphics.

With the reboot those items are already powered on and configured

I cannot answer about the initial login going to the desktop immediately.
Have you possibly already clicked the mouse before the screen displays? It does only require a mouse click to fully open the desktop.

I’m 100% sure that even when i don’t click anything, it will still go to full screen, but if i wait around 40-50 seconds at the login screen and then login, it will login normally.

It has only started doing in the recent weeks, i never had a similar problem like this before that.
So how can i diagnose what is causing this and why all of the sudden i need to wait 40-50 seconds for fedora to initialize graphic stuff?

This issue still exists, every morning i have to wait 1-2 minutes at the login screen before i login, otherwise if i login before that, i am greeted with a black screen and the logo of my Monitor keep showing up and disappearing, until the 1-2 minute mark is reached.

But when i reboot, this doesn’t happen… why? Can anyone help me find the cause of this?