I did this.... I deleted my uefi partition with grub

Just like the title says, I deleted the partition with grub and need of a walk thru on how to restore.
My partition is lvm. I searched for solution but none I found fit exactly my stupid predicament. Grub partition is file system ext 4. Was going to try a reinstall from usb stick but couldn’t get around losing home folder. All of my files and data is unaffected and secure and I created a backup but would really like to save the install/grub partition.

If you deleted the actual partitions /boot or /boot/efi from the command line the fix usually will be a reinstall.
If you only deleted the content of those partitions using the file manager they should still be available in the trash and possibly can be restored.

It is sometimes possible to recover a partition but it requires an in-depth knowledge of size, starting and ending sectors, etc. and skill using the disk formatting tools. If only the one partition was deleted it may be very easy (or maybe not)

Using manual partitioning it is often possible to recover existing partitions (even LVM) during the install and not destroy the data there.