I cant remove my own Topic "starter posts"

If it is somehow possible, people should be able to delete their own top posts under certain circumstances.

I am not sure if this could have any negative side effects, but I would like to delete some :sweat_smile:

I believe that forum threads are not owned by their topic starters. It is a shared collaborative work and it is not just a decision of the topic starter to delete them.

If the topic contains sensitive or personal information, then you can reach out to the moderators to help deal with it. But if you just not interested in the conversation anymore or resolved and issue in some other way - mark the thread resolved or edit the top post and add a note at the end like “Update: the issue is no longer relevant”


Yeah, I have the same feeling. There’s also an aspect of: if you have a question, someone else probably does too. Even it turns out the answer was “obvious” and you feel silly for asking… that suggests it actually isn’t so obvious after all, and leaving it shows that it’s okay to ask such things without embarrassment.

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