I cannot share certain windows with Microsoft Teams, nor the full screen

I have Fedora Workstation 24 and I use Microsoft Teams through Google Chrome Version 91.0.4472.101 (Official Build) (64-bit).

In Microsoft Teams, when you share a screen, a pop up with 3 tabs open: (1) full screen (2) window (3) google chrome tab


  1. I cannot share the full screen. Only a black rectangle is shared
  2. In the second tab, some windows are not shown. For example, Mozilla Thunderbird and KeePassXC are shown, while Text Editor (gedit), gnumeric and LibreOffice Calc are not shown. I cannot share these windows

How can I solve, especially problem (2)? Why I cannot share the windows of LibreOffice Calc and Text Editor? They don’t even appear in the list of windows to share.

Thanks in advance

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I have no idea, but I think it’s a Wayland responsibility, so I suggest you to try login with Xorg and check that again.


I too think it’s due to Wayland but I would like to use Wayland because it’s more secure.

Also I find it strange that I can share certain windows (Thunderbird) but not others (Text Editor).

Is this some kind of bug report tracked somewhere?

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Also I find it strange that I can share certain windows (Thunderbird) but not others (Text Editor).

I think this is the case when the windows are running under xwayland. So they behave the same a xorg applications and thus are able to recorded.

You can vote for the issue to gain more traction:

According to this comment on askubuntu you can use chrome which supports wayland screen recording, thus allowing you to share your windows with teams web app. I haven’t checked this claim. Sadly, i use xorg, because other (also electron based) apps are not yet working with wayland on this issue.

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Also check this guide (uses Chromium):


This might be working out of the box, note that the blog post is a year old.

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lightonflux, the chromium freeworld solution works like a charm! and it is even free software :slight_smile:

Now I can uninstall Google Chrome forever.

Thank you very much.

This community is super competent, super kind and super helpful :slight_smile:


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