I cannot print :(

I have an HP LaserJet P1102 and Fedora Workstation 34

Whenever I plugin the printer it is somehow recognized … meaning that a first printer appears and then a second printer (it is always the same, just the second has a “-2” at the end of its name)

But when I try to print a PDF with the Document Viewer, I can’t. I click on “Print” and nothing happens. It’s like the PDF is never sent to the printer.

HP Laserjet should be supported by hplip, which should already be installed.
I have never had good luck with the auto-configured printers so I follow these steps.

  1. go into the settings panel and delete any printers seen there.
  2. Use dnf and install hplip-gui
  3. Use the hplip gui (from the icon) to set up your printer. I believe it ls labeled “HPLIP Graphical Tools”
    In doing this setup the printer needs to have a fixed IP and it sometimes seems easiest to manually enter the IP when configuring it. If the IP is not fixed then should it change you will need to setup the printer again at the new address.
  4. When setting up the printer it may ask if you want to download and install the plugin. The obvious answer is yes, but the P1102 does not seem to be an MFP so it may not be necessary without the scanner/copier functions.

Once an HP printer is configured using hplip it just always seems to work for me.


Thank you JV:

Unfortunately it doesn’t work.

The HPLIP-GUI gets stuck when it has to download the plug-in from the internet, at the following screen:

Clicking on “Next” makes the application freeze. After some time Fedora asks me if I want to force close the application

I have got past that screen but now it freezes at this screen, after installing the plugin:
it has been 10 minutes now…

Try to reproduce the issue while collecting the logs and post the output to pastebin.com:

journalctl -f -n 0

I had the same problem and eventually it worked. I think the error may be related to the asking of the root password: I closed the error window, then entered the password and then the configuration was completed correctly.

It’s a shame that Settings is not able to set a working driver automatically.

Posting a “solution” on a necro thread that has been dead for 2.5 years is counter productive.