HybridGPU only uses dGPU

Hi folks. I have been using fedora for 3 months now. I was using built-in Nouveau drivers because it was working perfectly for my use. Today I bought an external monitor and after some research, I found out that I have to install Nvidia drivers for dual monitor support (I tried with nouveau, didn’t work). So I installed Nvidia drivers by following instructions from rpmfusion how-to page. It worked and the external monitor works perfectly now. But somehow Nvidia drivers make the computer only use the Nvidia graphics card, not the intel one. This reduces my battery life from 8 hours to 2 hours. I know it uses the discrete GPU because my laptop has a light that turns red whenever dGPU starts to run. Is there a way to make the system use intel GPU primarily and run dGPU if needed, like in windows? Thanks for helping!


Msi gs66 Stealth Laptop with i7 10750h and RTX 2060

I am using Fedora 37 Wayland

Kernel version: 6.0.9-300.fc37.x86_64