Hp-setup stuck at downloading plugin

On Fedora 35, running hp-setup gets stuck on downloading hplip-3.21.12-plugin.runat 0%, whereas it downloads perfectly on other distros. The workaround is to download the plugin and its asc file manually from here. But it should download automatically.

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Hi @kessler.iniko , welcome to the forum.

The hplip package that provides hp-setup also provides hplip and hplib-ui. Any reason you aren’t using that directly?

For the issue, please file a bug so that the maintainers can look into it. I don’t see one filed for this particular issue

You can file a new bug using this template:


Hello @ankursinha, sorry for the late response, I was out of city.

The hplip package present in the Fedora repo doesn’t provide the plugin and asc files which are required after running hp-setup. Of course the setup tries to download the plugin file, but the download never progresses past 0%. Hence the manual download, and the reason behind this question.

There are actually 2 packages for hplip in the fedora repo. hplip and hplip-gui. The gui package gives you several management tools thru the gui interface to manage an HP printer (including initial printer setup).

The hplip package is installed by default when you install the fedora workstation. I have always seen a significant delay in completion of downloading the plugin, but with patience it has always completed successfully. For those (very rare) instances where it did not I used the hp-plugin command that is also provided by the hplip package to download and install the plugin.

The plugin cannot be included in fedora because it is the one piece of the software that is proprietary. If the plugin is not installed it prevents using the scanner on the printers, but everything else works.

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It’s downloading stuff from the HP servers (not on Fedora infrastructure)----can you try a different network if possible to see if that works?

@ankursinha @computersavvy
After running hp-plugin command, the download was stuck at “Downloading plug-in from:” for a long time after it automatically used the one I manually downloaded (See the keyserver.ubuntu.com message). Also, the plugin version mentioned is 3.21.12, whereas on Fedora software center, the one present is 3.22.2.

I also tried to download using other network but the result is the same.