HP ENVY x360

I have just installed Fedora 34 on HP Envy x360 13-ar0008nn and it works nice. But after the upgrade (sudo dnf upgrade) I cannot get into the system. When I turn it on the fan goes wild, but the screen stays dark.
But if I press ESC on the startup, I can get to the boot menu, and form there I choose Fedora and it works.
Any idea what is wrong?

And as this computer was on Fedora 34 (I thought I messed up something, so I installed it again), the previous version of kernel (I don’t know which version, but it was 11 something) the screen was detected correctly in the sense that the picture on the screen would rotate, if you rotate the computer. Now, it’s not working anymore (5.11.12 and 5.11.17).

On some BIOS (even in UEFI mode, we keep calling the system Firmware interface the BIOS), we can set the default boot entry. When the boot entry selection is problematic, the system will not boot.

By pressing ESC during boot time, it might force the BIOS to redetect what bootable entries are present.

Please goto BIOS and check the boot entry section to see if there are applicable settings.

(The ESC key is also a hot key in grub, returning to the main grub menu. If BIOS settings are normal, I will try to recreate the grub configuration by running grub2-mkconfig with the correct options).

The second issue sounds like the positional sensor is not working or the auto-rotate mechanism is not responding to the sensor output.

If you can, please try to boot the last know working kernel if it helps.

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Thanks for the reply. I checked BIOS, but nothing has changed here. It is set to boot EFI and hard disk on the first place in boot order.
I also checked the grub2-mkconfig. As I didn’t know what exactly I am searching for I compared the grub.cgf file on my Thinkpad and the one on HP Envy and they are the same.

For the other issue, unfortunately I cannot check it out, because the Fedora 34 installation is fresh and the only kernel available is 5.11.12, and it doesn’t work on this one as well. I wasn’t aware of it when it worked and when it didn’t, because it’s not my computer, so I don’t use it that often.

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About the positional sensor: I think that there is some kind of pattern here. Now the rotation works nice, but the touchpad doesn’t work. And it it the same kernel version. After the restart, touchpad works again but the rotation does not. :thinking:

Any idea about the grub problem? Should I report a bug?

I managed to find out and did a workaround for booting. Thanks to this post: https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/intemittent-boot-failure-new-fedora-34-install/76100/5
I disabled security boot and it works. I’ll try with security boot on after the next update.

edit: I will start separate topic for the positional sensors.

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