HP disk 301 - how do backup is Seagate?

i am today for HP 301 – disk problems??

it is mount is Seagate Backup Plus to USB?

personally , i is tar is archiving/extracting?

@perryt sorry but I don’t understand your post.

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HP error 301 - disk problems …

  1. Backup data/OS Windows

BTW: how is computer fedora is Seagate Backup ?
i am mount and fstab … i am Seagate Backup running is fedora?

stroke / aphasia (words)

If I am interpreting you right, there are a few things you can do to backup your corrupted disk.
OPTION 1. Follow the instructions provided. Press F2 to diagnose, determing whether to continuing start up or something. If you choose to start up, you can press Enter at this interface. And save your data from your operating system.
OPTION 2. Plugin in a bootable usb disk. Boot up and check your device using disk utilities, try to fix and backup your disk.
OPTION 3. The most secure option is to send your disk or computer to the related customer service center, and have them repair your device.

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