HowTo? Quickly learn Fedora Server as an experienced Ubuntu-Server sysadmin

Does anyone have thoughts re: the following Reddit /r/Fedora discussion?

Reddit: Seeking tips for learning Fedora/CentOS/RHEL (for servers) as an Ubuntu admin?

It might be more effect to add comments at the above Reddit thread, if feasible, in order to keep the discussion all in one place. But alas, I’ll take any useful comments we can get. :slight_smile:

That’s too much relative.

Depends on the system administrator’s knowledge and the way to adapt to the other servers.
The time to learn is relative, some people don’t need more time, others need more…
The laziness of the sysadmin…


There were at least 5 replies on my above Reddit post that provides exactly the “difference between Fedora-Server and Ubuntu-Server” info I was seeking. So it does not seem “too much relative” to me.

Additionally: having not received any feedback from the Fedora community here on this topic while receiving significant feedback on the same topic on the Fedora subreddit, this may motivate my team to spend more time in the subreddit over this forum for our future questions. Our best, initial guess: there’s not as much of an experienced “Fedora Server” community here.

Reddit is a platform with a lot of users actives. I think you cannot compare with AskFedora.

Sorry if you didn’t get answers here. Congrats if you find your answer whatever your place are you looking for!

Happy setup! :slight_smile:

Or maybe a Fedora community forum does not have Ubuntu server users here? :wink:

Anyway, glad you got your answers. I’m going to close this topic now to prevent more unrelated discussion. You, like everyone else, are free to choose whatever platform you prefer.