How worth is it to learn ansible for Workstation?

I just found out recently that some people use Ansible as a post-install step in Fedora. How different is it compared to a post-install shell / bash script? What are the advantages? I am no IT person, nor I want to become one (although new skills are never a bad thing :slight_smile:)

Should I try to learn Ansible to replace my post-install script or is it not worth it? For clarification, I am using Fedora as a dektop daily operating system

I am about to learn ansible myself. I have been using custom scripts to setup and maintain my systems and think its time I used a tool, ansible, that is designed to set a systems comfig to a known state. I have been using puppet at work for this task so know the principles.

For one system where you already have scripts its not obvious that you need to use ansible, but if you are looking to learn a new skill then go for it.
You can reimplement your setup script as an ansible play book (I think that the term).