How to verify installed language packs?

Thunderbird and Firefox have both installed (or shipped with, I don’t know) dozens of languages and dictionaries when I intend to only use the “en-US” locale (with an European format), and do so on all my other devices. Perhaps this happens because the programs retrieve both from the operating system - how to verify what I have installed?

Gnome’s ‘region & language’ settings:

You can use

rpm -qa langpacks-\*

to check which languages are installed in Gnome.

Firefox and Thunderbird, as far as I am aware, ship in one language but you can install many many additional ones (firefox internally, no package manager (dnf, …) needed).

On my relatively fresh test machine, FF looks like this:


Do I have alternative packs installed? What the ‘core’ packs contain?


On my system Firefox shipped with dozens of dictionaries, like seen here, and Thunderbird outright has 50 or so languages installed:

I’ll leave this topic and create a separate question later, if needed.

nothing else installed (but that’s just because I want default en on my test system)

dnf info langpacks-core-en

says: This package provides English core langpacks packages.

Re Thunderbird, I checked and I have the same 50+ dictionaries installed. No clue why that is a default… But remember, a langpack has usually nothing to do with a spell-checker (dictionary). Let’s discuss this separately (see link to the other post you provided).

In addition, there are Glibc langpacks:

rpm -q -a "*langpack*" | sort

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