How to use my headphones touch controls?

I have a pair of Sony WH-1000XM4.

I am supposed to be able to use the following touch controls:

They work as expected on my mobile phone, but not on my Fedora.

For example, I cannot switch a song by swiping on the earpiece.

How can I have my controls work in Fedora too?

The driver is likely automatically installed on your phone to support that function, but is not on fedora. This seems like a driver issue for that particular headset.

You can contact sony for that issue they could give you some fix maybe

I just want to know, how about the basic control like pause and volume control, are those work? If works, may be you want to try with same app that also available on Android that works with swiping to switch a song, for example Spotify.

I believe the signal sent from audio device to computer should use same protocols or whatever it called. The translation of swiping or push button on the audio device should be processed with it independent process to convert it to signals that then send to computer.

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no no touch controls work

I have found the following instructions to make the touch controls work on Arch Linux.

How do I adapt them to work on Fedora Workstation 35?

I have followed them but the touch controls still don’t work.

ok the option “Touch control panel” was deactivated in the app.

So, when I told you that it worked on the smartphone, I lied (it used to work…)

Activating this option, and the connecting the headphones to Fedora, make the touch controls work.

They work out of the box, without following the instruction for Arch Linux I posted.